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Up to 70% of employees in companies do not work in a stationary workplace – that is, employees without a fixed PC workstation are not the insignificant minority, but often even the majority of the workforce. This target group is currently difficult to reach. But of course, relevant information and applications should ideally be available to all employees easily and in real time. The increasing popularity of smartphones (78% of Germans already own one) requires and enables a rethinking of established communication channels even in companies. With the VANTAiO Employee App, you open up a new, mobile communication channel with which you can reach your entire workforce.


  • Optimally adapted to SAP
  • All important information and applications available via smartphone
  • Perfectly adapted to smartphone usage
  • Can be used with employee-owned or company-provided terminals
  • Intuitively usable without specific prior knowledge, no separate IT support required
  • Easily customizable to your corporate design
  • Easy implementation through the VANTAiO modular system
  • Much faster to implement than conventional solutions due to the "ready to run" approach
Employee app

Anywhere fully involved

Mobile work is growing continuously – modern and usable digital solutions are therefore required. These not only facilitate the dialogue between management and operational levels, but also lead to more transparency and speed in the transmission of information with optimal analysis options. The motivation and productivity of employees increases, because everyone can actively contribute. And that at anytime, anywhere.


employee app executive

"I would like to have fast and efficient communication channels with which I can reach as many employees as possible."


employee app employee

"I also want to have access to all relevant information and applications in meetings or on the go."

Blue Collar

employee app blue collar

"I want to know what is currently happening in my company and quickly find the right people to contact for my personal questions."

Convince yourself of how the VANTAiO Employee App can optimally involve the entire workforce – including employees without a stationary workplace – in real time.

The evolution of mobile applications in the company.

  • Separated Endpoints & Services
  • Unified Endpoint Workplace
  • Automated Endpoint Experience
  • Mobile Customer Experience & Disruption
  • Separated Endpoints & Services

    • Separated Endpoints & Services
    • Mobile devices are used largely autonomously
    • EMM solutions focusing on MDM / MAM
    • Little mobile-available services and information repositories

     >> Little User Experience & Business Enablement

     EMM / Cloud Infastructure

  • Unified Endpoint Workplace

    • Integration & omni channel use of endpoints and services
    • Holistic "Digital Workplace" with comprehensive management and productivity tools

    >> High User Experience & Business Enablement

    Mobile App Optimization / UEM

  • Automated Endpoint Experience

    • Further development of the user experience of the employees
    • Automated processes as well as new services & applications
    • Added value for process optimization

    >> Maximum User Experience & High Business Enablement

    Digital Assistants / Mobile Field Service

  • Mobile Customer Experience & Disruption

    • Development of a digital & mobile product- & service portfolio
    • Product networks generated via software of digital services
    • Upgrade of existing products or new development

    >> Maximum User Experience & Business Enablement

    mCommerce Frameworks / Context based services

HR Portal mobile

Whether approval processes, managers’ and employees’ self-services or teams and responsibilities – with the VANTAiO Employee App, you always have all the relevant HR information and applications on the go. This way, you ensure transparency, quality and smooth processes – and that without any complex IT training for the users. 

employee app working times. absences
employee app digital workplace

Digital Workplace mobile

The VANTAiO employee app makes mobile working with SAP comfortable and easy. All important information and applications are conveniently accessible via smartphone, the operation is intuitive and adapted to the device. This increases the range, ensures optimum information flow and clearly increases efficiency.

Reporting Portal mobile

With the VANTAiO Employee App, you have all important reports, statistics and evaluations always on hand while on the move. And that in a modern design and easy and intuitively to use. This way, you are always up to date and prepared for important decisions.

employee app reporting portal

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