VANTAiO portal solutions based on SAP

As individual as your requirements

Based on the modular VANTAiO building block system, your individual portal of choice can be implemented in a time and budget-friendly manner.

With our pre-configured modular system you can achieve your goals quickly and safely.

Our motto for your SAP portal: Ready-to-run!

VANTAiO portal solutions are template-based and pre-configured, but at the same time can also be adapted very flexibly. Simply put together your desired portal from the suitable starter set as well as a large number of optionally available additional modules.

Our favorite modules are particularly extensive modules or add-ons with a large range of functions. The concept, content and implementation are perfectly tailored to the processes and requirements in the company - your favorite modules make your day-to-day work a lot easier. You can add the Enterprise News Manager to your portal, for example, to circulate important information quickly and comprehensively, or establish new communication channels, for example using the Enterprise Bulletin Board.

The optimal addition to your SAP basis - whether on-premise or cloud: Based on the modular VANTAiO building block system, your individual portal can be implemented in a time and budget-saving manner. No matter whether you want to expand your existing portal with selected functionalities or implement a complete portal solution.

All VANTAiO software solutions are pre-configured and ready-to-run, but at the same time flexibly adaptable. Existing applications, proven filing structures or specific functions can be easily integrated or linked. And, of course, the appearance and arrangement can also be easily adapted according to your specifications. Exactly the way you need it.

Digital Workplace

By providing documents, information and applications centrally, the Digital Workplace establishes new communication channels to create more time and space for creative activities.

HR Portal

Strengthen the HR department in a targeted manner: With the help of more efficient processes, the HR portal takes the strain off routine tasks and creates more transparency within the company through the central provision of important information.

Employee App

The employee app provides ALL employees with important process applications and relevant information anytime and anywhere. This leads to an increase in employee motivation and productivity.

B2B portal – tailor-made

As part of the VANTAiO project kit, we select project modules from the areas of business, technology and design with which we can optimally support you, according to your initial conditions and requirements.

SAP Retail News Cockpit

Das SAP Retail News Cockpit sorgt dafür, dass wichtige Mitteilungen schnell und präzise bei den Filialen und Händlern ankommen. Auf allen Endgeräten.

Corona sale:

Free employee app for the SAP Cloud Platform

With our Corona sale, we would like to contribute to your support in these times of crisis by providing you with our preconfigured version of the VANTAiO employee app on the SAP Cloud Platform free of charge.

  • "Preconfigured and practical – but no compromises in design and UX. This is one of the central requirements for our software. Sophisticated design and simple implementation do not have to be mutually exclusive in portal projects."

    Stefan Bohlmann
    Managing Director

  • "As far thought out and template-based as possible, as individually adaptable as necessary. Our portal software modules and complete solutions save you time, money and nerves."

    Markus Marenbach
    Managing Director

  • "Not only our software, but also our project and consulting services can be individually selected and compiled. You get exactly what you need for your successful project."

    Björn Adam
    Head of Software Solutions

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