VANTAiO portalManager 6.0:
professional editorial care made easy

Decisive for the success of modern intranets, extranets, employee portals, websites or distributer portals is a sophisticated web content management. Editors need work equipment that can be used intuitively. The understanding of modern content management solutions has fundamentally changed in the age of Web 2.0. Content building blocks must be dynamically usable. Once created, they should be published in the employee portal, on their own website or on Facebook and Twitter. The nature of the content has also changed: until now, text or static images were used to communicate, but today companies are increasingly using video clips or Enterprise 2.0 functionalities such as rating, feedback or microblogging. Thanks to the simplest way of working, even editors without technical training can work quickly and efficiently with VANTAiO portalManager 6.0. Content modules of all kinds (SAP applications, animations, texts, images, etc.) can be displayed, updated and managed easily and clearly along the desired website structure.


  • Consistently based on SAP standards
  • Easy to use for editors
  • Preparation of content for various mobile devices
  • Any content design: implementation of any design specifications with Internet standards
  • Multi-Channel Content: Centrally managed content can be made available to different employee groups based on roles
  • Site management with full integration into the SAP portal authorization concept
  • A pre-engineered, modern best-practice framework quickly puts the solution into operation


  • VANTAiO portalManager
  • VANTAiO portalManager
  • VANTAiO portalManager
  • VANTAiO portalManager
  • VANTAiO portalManager

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