SAP Jam and VANTAiO Software: Collaboration at its best

SAP Jam is SAP's Business Collaboration Solution – a cloud-based social media platform that lets you log in from any Internet-enabled device. It provides collaboration capabilities for all attached business departments, such as HR, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, or sales.

Various functions are available to the user with SAP Jam, among other things, Enterprise Social Networking (exchange of information, documents and files on specific topics, internal discussion and clarification of questions), External Collaboration (use as a cross-company collaboration platform, for example, to interact with customers or suppliers to provide information or support to perform) or structured collaboration (joint brainstorming, problem solving or decision-making). The goal is a sustainable improvement of communication and processes in the company.

Features of SAP Jam are e.g. real-time business data integration, real-time messages, knowledge base, wikis, blogs, forums, events, tasks, planning and decision making tools, extensibility and reporting/dashboards.

We work closely with SAP Jam Product Management and extend the standard functionality of SAP Jam through selected VANTAiO modules. Current details about the available modules can be found at VANTAiO module center.

SAP JAM and VANTAiO Software

The VANTAiO all-round carefree package for SAP Jam Collaboration

Based on the most up-to-date SAP standards, we have developed a basic software suitable for SAP Jam Collaboration that makes your portal solution ready for use quickly and provides all functionalities for a smooth use. A specific integration package ensures optimal integration of the diverse VANTAiO modules. These are freely selectable from an extensive pool with the four categories "People & Collaboration", "Documents", "Content", "Applications & Processes". This is how you easily and conveniently design your individual portal solution based on SAP Jam Collaboration.

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