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Communication in times of crisis


The VANTAiO employee news app is pre-configured software on the SAP Cloud Platform that VANTAiO provides free of charge.

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Managing director, head of the "Corona" task force

Your employee app on the SAP Cloud Platform - FREE from VANTAiO

Times like these unsettle both employers and your company's employees. It is all the more important that they are not irritated even more by a lack of communication. With our Corona sale, we would like to contribute to your support in these times of crisis by providing you with our pre-configured version of the VANTAiO employee app on the SAP Cloud Platform free of charge. Have access to important information, documents, applications and important contacts - anytime, anywhere. With the employee news app on the SAP Cloud Platform!

Benefit right now from the expertise of SAP and its ecosystem to act correctly and overcome challenges quickly. Together with selected partners, SAP would like to help you implement relevant and business-critical cases to ensure the continued success of your company. Topics such as liquidity and cost management, fast and targeted employee communication or the stabilization of supply chains are highly topical right now and occupy many companies. Find out more about all other participating partner companies and the respective use cases of the campaign here: Think ahead now! #GiveDataPurpose

News & Information - Anytime!

What do employees want without a permanent PC workstation? Above all, you want to be informed quickly and briefly about important company matters. Increase the reach of your corporate communication with the VANTAiO employee app. News and articles can be easily created and rolled out for specific target groups!

Free choice of topic - communicate what you want!

The current hot topic is, for example, working from home. For many employees, this is currently a permanent condition; it sounds like freedom and work-life balance. But what about the implementation in detail? Will the company provide me with a headset? Will the costs of my telephone connection be covered? Will the company help me get a monitor or an office chair to enable professional work? These questions about working from home and all other questions can be answered individually for your company on the topic pages of the VANTAiO employee news app!

ONE solution for PC, tablet and smartphone!

The VANTAiO employee news app is web-based software that can be easily accessed via a link in a browser. All pages and content are designed in such a way that they work independently of the end devices used - whether desktop PC, tablet or smartphone! The employees choose their personal password the first time they call it up. They can then access the content and services of their employer's app at any time to stay up to date and to carry out administrative tasks. Single sign-on with SAP systems is easy to implement using the underlying SAP Cloud Platform.

With your apps and services

The SAP Fiori Launchpad (FLP) is seamlessly integrated into the VANTAiO Employee News App on the SAP Cloud Platform. Here you can provide all services and applications to your employees centrally in one place - depending on their roles and authorizations! The processes and applications are accessed via single sign-on, i.e. no further login to the back-end system is required.

Contents and scope of delivery of the free VANTAiO solution

The VANTAiO employee news app is pre-configured software on the SAP Cloud Platform that VANTAiO provides free of charge. Installation and commissioning is possible with little effort; the complete solution is usually productively available within three days. The software is a so-called portal template that is delivered in two languages: German and English. All pages, content elements and apps of the template can be re-configured or adapted by the customer themself. The VANTAiO apps within the SAP Fiori Launchpad (FLP) are not part of the template and can also be licensed if required. Your own applications can be integrated into the SAP Fiori Launchpad at will.

A customer account on the SAP Cloud Platform is required to use the free software "VANTAiO Employee News App". An important advantage of the SAP Cloud Platform is that access is possible from practically anywhere in the world and on any device. If necessary, the SAP Cloud Connector can be activated and configured to start services and applications with integration in the SAP back-end systems. The portal template is provided by VANTAiO for download and can be put into operation with little effort. We are of course happy to support you and help you implement other functions.

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