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VANTAiO is a software manufacturer of flexibly adaptable modules and addons for portals based on SAP. Simple, attractive and ready to use – that is the requirement for all VANTAiO software products. Based on our innovative modular system, we supply preconfigured software modules and project services. In this way you can quickly and easily design the optimal SAP portal solution for your business purpose. VANTAiO portal solutions are characterized by a very high degree of easy use and practicality – and thanks to the VANTAiO ready-to-run approach, they significantly reduce project run times and costs. A team of experts stands behind the VANTAiO software products und consulting services, with many years of experience in software development with SAP. Our products and services consistently fulfill the requirements of the latest enterprise IT and excellent user experience. Only this way acceptance is achieved and daily use becomes a benefit – and your corporate portal becomes a loved portal.

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The management

  • Stefan Bohlmann, Owner & Managing Director
  • Markus Marenbach, Managing Director
  • Björn Adam, Head of Software Solutions
  • Tim Stein, Head of Professional Services
  • Michael Beining, Head of Software Development
  • VANTAiO management

    Stefan Bohlmann, Owner & Managing Director

    Stefan Bohlmann studied computer science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and discovered early his passion for user experience, graphic design and multimedia. After some time working freelance as a software developer in the multimedia industry and as a permanently employed technical consultant at SAP AG in Walldorf, he founded his first company together with partners in 2001. Since then he has built up an extensive network of SAP contacts and customers.

    His current focus is on the one hand the mobile use of business processes and on the other hand the development of preconfigured portal solutions for SAP customers. Meanwhile, Stefan Bohlmann has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. At VANTAiO, he is responsible for Software & Support, Partner Management and Marketing.

  • VANTAiO management

    Markus Marenbach, Managing Director

    Markus Marenbach started his professional career after graduation as a software developer in the segment Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse. Subsequently, he worked for several years in a medium-sized system house as a product manager in the Web content management environment. Since 2004 he has been focusing on the SAP environment and has, among other things, been responsible for setting up the business unit SAP Portal Solutions as well as creating supplementary products for the SAP Enterprise Portal.

    His current focus is on "Digital Workplace" and business transformation based on company portals. For the past 15 years, Markus Marenbach has been advising well-known DAX groups and companies in the introduction of innovative portal solutions and process applications. At VANTAiO, he is responsible for sales and product management. In April 2018 he was appointed managing director.

  • VANTAiO management

    Björn Adam, Head of Software Solutions

    Since Björn Adam was given his first PC by his parents in 1990, he has not let go of the fascination of digital worlds. With curiosity, an innovative spirit and a clear focus on goals, Björn Adam has been advising companies around the topics of web-based solutions and digitization since the beginning of the "New Economy" in the late 1990s.

    After studying computer science and managing international projects in the corporate environment, Björn Adam initially moved to a leading portal consultancy. There he headed the intranet business and advised clients on the strategic direction, conception and introduction of intranets, corporate portals and social business as well as general digitization. Today he is responsible for product and solution management at VANTAiO.

  • VANTAiO management

    Tim Stein, Head of Professional Services

    After studying media management, Tim Stein started his career in the sales department of a leading consulting firm focusing on SAP NetWeaver. During this time, he looked after clients of various sizes and industries and got to know a wide range of portal solutions.

    Since 2016, he has focused even more on the subject-related level and is responsible for the Professional Services division at VANTAiO. In this role, he takes care of the heartfelt affairs of VANTAiO customers. As an interface between demand and delivery, he and his team help customers successfully complete portal projects and enthuse users with the solutions.

  • VANTAiO management

    Michael Beining, Head of Software Development

    After completing his dual degree in business informatics, Michael Beining began his professional career in 2005 as a consultant in a leading consulting firm specializing in SAP NetWeaver. He was responsible for the successful implementation of portal projects for customers of various sizes and industries. During this time, he has gained extensive experience in all relevant portal activities (conception, installation / configuration, development & operation).

    Since 2010 he has been intensively involved with standardization, conception and development of ready-to-run portal solutions. Today, Michael Beining is responsible for the software development team at VANTAiO. One of his focus topics is Cloud Transformation. He also supervises selected co-development initiatives as a project manager.

 The VANTAiO Team

  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team
  • VANTAiO Team


  • 05/28 // VANTAiO is WINNER at the German Innovation Award 2020!

    The VANTAiO Enterprise News Manager for the SAP Cloud Platform received the WINNER award at the German Innovation Award 2020 in the "Excellence Business to Business" competition class, in the "Information Technologies" category

  • 03/01 // Larger office space in Sankt Augustin

    VANTAiO keeps on growing – in the new, larger office there is now more room for innovative ideas and more employees.

  • 11/8 // Crestcom Management Award

    VANTAiO receives the Crestcom Management Award 2018 in the category silver. With this award Crestcom Management Schools D/A/CH honors companies that have committed themselves to developing their own management culture.

  • 9/15 // Moving to a new office in Mainz

    VANTAiO is growing continuously and needs more space. In September, the move to the new, spacious office takes place – same building, but now on the third floor with a fantastic view of the Rhine.

  • 02/10 // VANTAiO HR Portal amoung the Winners of the German Design Award 2017

    The German Design Award is awarded annually by the Foundation for Design. The official award ceremony took place during the "Ambiente" in February 2017 in Frankfurt.

  • 01/16 // VANTAiO Portal Platform 1.0 Certified as “powered by SAP NetWeaver®“

    By joining the SAP App Center, VANTAiO has also reached the next level in the SAP partner system and becomes an SAP Silver Partner.

  • 04/15 // Opening of VANTAiO’s Sankt Augustin Location

    The new offices are characterized by their convenient location and the direct proximity to the renowned University of Applied Sciences Sankt Augustin.

  • 09/01 // Restructuring, Re-founding of the VANTAiO Brand

    Starting in September 2015, the BTEXX software division will operate under the new name "VANTAiO" and continue to develop and support the established add-on products for the SAP portal world.

  • 06/01 // Awarded by SAP

    The software solutions "easyWCM 4.0" and "collaborationManager 1.1" are awarded by SAP. Both products have the trademark "SAP Certified - Powered by SAP NetWeaver".

  • 09/15 // Expansion Software Portfolio

    The range of software is expanded by "universalSearch", "collaborationManager" and "documentManager": The software solutions are characterized by optimal usability.

  • 10/01 // Relocation to Mainz

    In order to meet the growing demands and the constant expansion of capacity, the relocation to new premises in Mainz Fort Malakoff takes place in October 2005.

  • 06/01 // Setup Software Business

    In addition to the SAP NetWeaver portal, BTEXX develops - based on the experience won in 200 portal projects - the CMS "BTEXX easyWCM", the first proprietary software solution from BTEXX. This lays the foundation for VANTAiO, which will later emerge from BTEXX.

  • 01/01 // Company Launch

    On 01/01/2001 the BTEXX business technologies partnership company is founded. The founders and BTEXX partners were previously longtime IT Consultants – among others, at SAP.

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