SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) combines intelligent enterprise applications with database and data management, analytics, integration, and extension capabilities on a platform for cloud and hybrid environments. With hundreds of preconfigured services and integrations for SAP and third-party applications, it provides the ideal platform to bring forward-looking solution ideas to life.

SAP BTP powered by VANTAiO

These customers already trust in VANTAiO and our SAP BTP expertise, which has now spanned several years!

The basis for an intelligent company of the future

SAP BTP - flexible, scalable and integrative

With SAP BTP you get a cloud-based platform, which was conceived by SAP as the basis for the companies of the future. SAP BTP services and solutions are available on multiple cloud infrastructure providers. The multi-cloud foundation supports different runtime environments such as Cloud Foundry, ABAP and Kyma, as well as several different regions (worldwide) and a wide range of programming languages. In line with the motto "Keep the core clean", BTP offers SAP customers the opportunity to operate core systems without extensive customizing and thus remain upgradeable. However, there is no need to forego customer-specific adaptations; these can be implemented using the options available on the BTP via the BTP Integration Suite and BTP Extension Suite in such a way that easily upgradeable core systems and individual requirements for software solutions are no longer mutually exclusive. We at VANTAiO support our customers in understanding the SAP BTP and identifying added value based on customer-specific challenges. For example, we support solutions to improve internal communication, e.g. to integrate diskless workers, the development of SAPUI5 applications or the transfer of legacy applications or entire Enterprise Portal solutions to the BTP.

Possibilities to digitize processes without being a computer scientist

The shortage of IT specialists is now severely slowing down digitization in companies. SAP BTP provides services that enable people without IT training to digitize processes and automate repetitive work, freeing up resources for other topics.

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Harmonization through a common platform

Due to the multitude of services offered by SAP BTP, it basically covers every area of a company. In conjunction with SAP's claim to offer the interface technologies (SAPUI5) and design philosophy (SAP Fiori) uniformly in all areas as a unifying element, the BTP offers the possibility of providing users with solutions that mesh harmoniously and make switching between applications intuitive through uniform user guidance.

Reduce costs and increase safety at the same time? No contradiction!

With the multitude of projects that IT departments have to cope with today, the maintenance of systems unfortunately often gets short shrift in some cases. With each additional software system added, the problem becomes bigger. By using SAP BTP, you always get up-to-date software and no longer have to worry about system updates. Also, the physical security of the infrastructure, is always guaranteed by dedicated SAP expert teams, which the capabilities of most internal IT departments already for resource reasons can not realistically provide. At the same time, flexible pricing models give you the option of aligning the scope of BTP use precisely with your current needs, and there is no longer any need, for example, to dimension servers larger at the time of acquisition than is currently necessary, so that they will still fit the possibly increased demand in three years' time.

SAP BTP architecture

SAP Cloud Foundry environment: Keep all degrees of freedom while benefiting from ready-made out-of-the-box solutions

The Cloud Foundry environment enables you to develop new business applications and services and supports multiple runtime environments, programming languages, libraries, and services. You can use a variety of buildpacks, including community innovations or buildpacks you develop yourself.

The best brains for your project success!

With the experience of our consultants from over 500 portal projects and the right combination of business, design and technology expertise, we offer you the ideal basis for an efficient and cost-optimized project approach. Depending on your initial conditions and requirements, we jointly select project modules from the three areas of expertise with which we can optimally support you in your project - selectively or completely.

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In an individual consultation, we explain in a compact and clear manner how you can implement your project with the SAP BTP and the appropriate VANTAiO products in such a way that you profitably support your company on the way to the workplace of the future. Make an appointment now - free of charge and without obligation.

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