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Employee app based on SAP:

Up to 70% of employees in companies do not work in a stationary workplace - i.e. employees without a permanent PC workplace are not the negligible minority, but often even the majority of the workforce. This target group is currently difficult to reach. But of course, relevant information and applications should ideally be available to all employees simply and in real time. The increasingly widespread use of smartphones (78% of Germans already have one) requires and enables companies to rethink their established communication channels. With the VANTAiO employee app you open up a new, mobile communication path with which you can reach your entire workforce.

The VANTAiO employee app is based 100% on SAP standards: either on the SAP NetWeaver Portal or on the SAP Cloud Platform. You have the choice!

Employee App based on SAP

All employees quickly and easily informed

Easy communication

With the help of the VANTAiO employee app, all users are provided with important information and applications, even without a stationary workplace, e.g. on the go or in the home office.

Employee satisfaction

Actively involving employees in the company and always informing them about important events and decisions - that's transparency! This leads to increased employee satisfaction.

Quick to use: ready-to-run

Due to the "ready-to-run" approach, the web-based VANTAiO employee app can be introduced within a very short time. Go-live is possible within 3 days.

Full SAP integration

The VANTAiO employee app is 100% based on SAP and ensures the easy use of SAP self-services (e.g. short-time work overview, download of employer certificates, payroll, etc.)

The central instrument of corporate communication

Mobile work is growing continuously - modern and user-friendly digital solutions are therefore required. These not only facilitate the dialogue between management and the operational level, but also lead to more transparency and speed in the transmission of information with optimal analysis options. The motivation and productivity of the employees increases because everyone can get actively involved. Anytime, anywhere.


"I want fast and efficient communication channels that I can use to reach all of my employees."


"I would like to know what is currently happening in my company and quickly find the right contact person for my personal questions."

Blue Collar

 "Ich möchte wissen, was in meinem Unternehmen aktuell passiert und schnell die richtigen Ansprechpartner für meine persönlichen Fragen finden."

Convince yourself how you can use the VANTAiO employee app to optimally and in real time involve the entire workforce - even employees without a stationary workplace.

News & information - anytime!

What do employees without a fixed PC workstation want? Above all, you want to be informed quickly and briefly about important corporate matters. Increase the range of your corporate communication with the VANTAiO employee app. News and articles can be created easily and rolled out for specific target groups!

  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP

Modern phone book: business cards

Knowledge workers today spend around 15 to 30% of their working time actively searching for information or looking for the right contact person. This is exactly where the employee app and the search function come in: Connectors enable the global search for data in SAP and non-SAP systems, just like in the good old "phone book" - only much nicer!

Always stay connected!

Optimized collaboration through new communication and information channels (chat, comment function, wiki, etc.), promotion of innovations and ideas through networking (social collaboration).

  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP

Provide documents. Very easily!

Access documents on the go! With the VANTAiO employee app, the relevant content and documents, online documentation of processes and procedures can finally be provided on the smartphone!

The important thing here is an efficient and convenient search function that takes employee permissions into account.


Applications, processes & workflow

Whether approval processes, manager and employee self services, SAP or non-SAP applications - with the VANTAiO employee app you always have all the relevant HR information and applications with you on the go. In this way you ensure transparency, quality and smooth processes - without any complex IT training for the users..

  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP
  • Employee App based on SAP

Exemplary use scenarios

With the VANTAiO employee app, all employees are provided with the relevant information quickly and regardless of location, as this example of an important and time-critical message from an IT system administrator with the content "ATTENTION: Mails with fake sender" shows.

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