Centracon AG

Centracon was founded in 1990 with the vision of connected working. This has given rise to SMART WORKING: the connection of people and IT to create an efficient and motivating work environment. We use existing technologies such as portals, AI or automation to design digital workplaces and make work and collaboration in and between companies easier and independent of place, time and medium. SMART WORKING is the answer to the challenge of our time, in which digitalization, globalization, a shortage of skilled workers and the new generation of digital natives increasingly demand flexible, agile and digital working.

With our team of IT and business consultants, we support IT and business managers in providing employees with an efficient and motivating working environment by bringing together the requirements and needs of employees with the technological possibilities of digital working.

SMART WORKING becomes competitive advantage.

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Stefan Bohlmann
Managing Director
T +49 6131–622280