Our portal philosophy:
thought through, flexible, ready-to-run

Contemporary, attractive portal solutions for SAP do not necessarily have to be based on complex individual projects. We are convinced of this.

That's why we use all our expertise and experience from over 500 successfully completed portal projects to develop and implement preconfigured software and project modules as well as complete solutions. All VANTAiO portal solutions are thematically well thought-out, flexibly adaptable, easy to implement and ready-to-run. With this all-round modular approach, you can get to your desired portal pragmatically and easily, and also save time and money. But not in terms of quality and functionality.

With our pre-configured modular system you can achieve your goals quickly and safely.

Our motto for your SAP portal: Ready-to-run!

VANTAiO portal solutions are template-based and pre-configured, but at the same time can also be adapted very flexibly. Simply put together your desired portal from the suitable starter set as well as a large number of optionally available additional modules.

Our favorite modules are particularly extensive modules or add-ons with a large range of functions. The concept, content and implementation are perfectly tailored to the processes and requirements in the company - your favorite modules make your day-to-day work a lot easier. You can add the Enterprise News Manager to your portal, for example, to circulate important information quickly and comprehensively, or establish new communication channels, for example using the Enterprise Bulletin Board.

Flexibly adapted to your SAP technology

VANTAiO software and modules are originally developed on the two "big" SAP platforms: SAP NetWeaver and SAP Cloud Platform. The data is stored in the databases of the respective SAP platform and via the APIs provided by SAP. When developing the software, we rely on the APIs and services approved by SAP (e.g. UX, integration or authentication services). As an SAP customer, you have the security of being able to build 100% on the SAP standard.

In terms of front-ends, we consequently also offer solutions for the options supported by SAP: SAP Fiori Launchpad, SAP Work Zone or SAP Enterprise Portal.

SAP Fiori Launchpad

When your focus is clearly on applications and processes. On-premise or in the cloud.

SAP Work Zone

Clear focus on content, design, collaboration and communication. 100% on the SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Enterprise Portal

For all who rely on consistent solutions that have been tried and tested over many years. 100% on-premise.

The best minds for your project success!

With the experience of our consultants from over 500 portal projects and the right combination of business, design and technology expertise, we offer you the ideal basis for an efficient and cost-optimized project approach. Depending on your initial conditions and requirements, we jointly select project modules from the three areas of expertise with which we can support you in your project, optimally - selectively or completely.

  • "Preconfigured and practical – but no compromises in design and UX. This is one of the central requirements for our software. Sophisticated design and simple implementation do not have to be mutually exclusive in portal projects."

    Stefan Bohlmann
    Managing Director

  • "As far thought out and template-based as possible, as individually adaptable as necessary. Our portal software modules and complete solutions save you time, money and nerves."

    Markus Marenbach
    Managing Director

  • "Not only our software, but also our project and consulting services can be individually selected and compiled. You get exactly what you need for your successful project."

    Björn Adam
    Head of Software Solutions

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