A Boot (camp) is always good for you!

SAP BTP experts among themselves – VANTAiO Bootcamp 2024

SAP BTP Bootcamp 2023

Vivid exchange around SAP BTP and SAP Build 💻

WOW ✨ - what a great start of the year! We probably did everything right by choosing the date for our fifth VANTAiO Bootcamp at the beginning of the year on January 9, 2024: right between the farmers' strike and the rail strike! Bright sunshine at our headquarter in Mainz also kept the more than 40 participants in a good mood all day long.

But first things first. It has now become a tradition for VANTAiO to invite experts to discuss the latest developments from the SAP technology and developer community in January. All VANTAiO partner contacts, with whom we have a long-standing friendship and with whom we master the challenges of the SAP technology world together in many projects, are also present. This year, of course, the topic of AI was high on the agenda!

News from TechEd and code generation with OpenAI 🤖

After a humorous welcome by Stefan Bohlmann and Michael Beining, they went straight into medias res: In their presentation they summarized the current highlights around the topics SAP BTP and SAP Build Work Zone and gave an overview of the latest product announcements from SAP TechEd last year - including SAP Build Code, SAP Joule, SAP Generative AI Hub, SAP Just Ask, SAP Edge Integration Cell, SAP BTP Developer's Guide, and much more.

Our colleagues Dominic Beckbauer and Richard Hitzl from our partner kangoolutions were even on site in Bangalore and, in addition to their presentation on the SAP Integration Suite and the new Edge Integration Cell, which many SAP PI/PO customers have been waiting for, were also able to give us a few live impressions of their trip and the hustle and bustle there. The SAP EIC is an optional extension of the SAP Integration Suite that enables integration scenarios developed in the cloud to be deployed locally and operated in on-premises environments.

Afterwards, Lars Laegner from our partner frequi gave us a very clear presentation on "Code generation with OpenAI", outlining the history of AI development and showing us some very interesting AI coding examples live on the system in line with the motto "Let's get our hands dirty".

A current project example at SAP BTP was also on the agenda: Markus Härtig and Dominik Neumann showed how a modern Digital Workplace can be developed as a Progressive Web Application with Angular.

News Manager 3.0 

Last but not least, our Head of Development Michael Beining presented the latest product features of the VANTAiO News Manager. The VANTAiO News Manager is a database-based information and communication system for information objects of any kind, which was developed 100% on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and is optimally integrated into SAP Build Work Zone.

THANK YOU to everyone who was there! We look forward to continuing to work with you, who make up this great SAP BTP & SAP Build Community, and wish you a successful and happy 2024! 🚀 We are already looking forward to next year's reboot. A boot (camp) is always good.

Do you feel inspired by this event and are you also interested in the current trend topics SAP BTP and SAP Build? Then this offer may be of interest to you!

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Schulung für SAP Kunden: SAP BTP & SAP Build Work Zone
Schulung für SAP Kunden: SAP BTP & SAP Build Work Zone

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