VANTAiO HR Portal among the winners of the German Design Award 2017.

The SAP-based VANTAiO portal complete solution for the human resources sector has received the "Special Mention" award in the "Interactive User Experience" category. The German Design Award is awarded annually by the Foundation for Design. The official award ceremony took place during the "Ambiente" on February 10, 2017 in Frankfurt.

The VANTAiO HR Portal is a preconfigured complete specialist portal solution based on SAP for HR departments. It is based on a modular module system and ready-made content that allows a highly efficient implementation and provides innovation in two dimensions:

a) Organizationally through a new visible basis for joint personnel work
b) technologically through a powerful, customizable platform

Companies using SAP benefit in many ways from the VANTAiO HR Portal. On the one hand, it significantly saves project time and costs in terms of introduction compared to conventional portal projects. On the other hand, it allows a re-structuring of the work of the HR department. Above all, it allows a big step towards user-friendliness and optimal user experience. Depending on individual customer needs, the VANTAiO HR Portal is flexibly adaptable and expandable. The structure and design are consistently oriented towards the user: working with the HR Portal should be intuitive, simple – and, above all, fun.

With its comprehensive HR functionality package, the VANTAiO HR Portal gives employees central access to all relevant specialist information, services and processes. Around the clock, at any place – and through the fully responsive implementation on a wide variety of device types, from smartphone to tablet and PC to Watch. This allows re-structuring and simplifying established operations and relieving HR employees of time-consuming repetitive tasks. This frees up capacities that can be profitably used for the further development of the HR department and the consultation of employees and executives.

This innovative approach has now been honored with the title "Special Mention" at the "German Design Award 2017 – Excellent Communications Design", an award for work whose design has particularly successful solutions.

The German Design Award places the highest demands on the determination of its award winners: in a complex nomination process, expert panels of the German Design Council only invite those products and communication design services to participate in the competition, which are demonstrably differentiated by their design quality in the competition. All awards will be determined during a two-day jury session. The jury of the German Design Award 2017 is made up of design experts from business, teaching and science as well as the design industry. All jury members are recognized capacities in their fields.

Since its premiere in 2012, the German Design Award has grown strongly: At that time, around 1,500 submissions were presented to the jury – this year it was over 4,000. 49% in Excellent Product Design, 38% in Excellent Communications Design. 758 submissions came from abroad this year.

Stefan Bohlmann, managing director, VANTAiO GmbH & Co. KG: "We are very happy to be among the winners – and of course we are proud that the result of our dedicated work of last year is honored with such a prestigious award."

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  • German Design Award 2017 for the VANTAiO HR Portal

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