Lecture Tip: DÖHLER TV with SAP & Raspberry Pi

February 12, 2020 – Lecture at the DSAG Technology Days.

Whether magic cubes or digitization in the company – what seems difficult at first glance can be mastered with the right strategy. Under this guiding principle, the DSAG Technology Days 2020 invite SAP users to discuss approaches and strategies to solve the "magic cube of digitization". Among the topics discussed will be how to deal with the duality of on-premise and cloud solutions, investment security and realistic migration strategies as well as the seamless integration of SAP solutions on a technical and semantic level.

With our customer, Döhler GmbH, we will be on site on the second day of the event with an interesting presentation:
"DÖHLER TV with SAP & Raspberry Pi"
Date: Thursday, 12.02.2020, 9.30 a.m.
Location: Congress Center Rosengarten, Mannheim
Winfried Winterstein, Döhler
Hannes Lechner, Döhler
Michael Beining, VANTAiO

Abstract: With the aim of increasing the reach of corporate communications for the workforce, Döhler introduced TV screens for employees. The special feature of this solution is that the message texts and images originate directly from the SAP portal-based Digital Workplace, which has been the central point of entry for employees with PC access at Döhler for several years. From a technical point of view, a standard Raspberry Pi is connected via HDMI cable and the WLAN is activated. After logging on to the portal server, the messages intended for the TV location are transmitted and presented on a large scale. The solution is currently based on SAP NetWeaver 7.40, and the conversion to the SAP Cloud Platform is planned for 2020.

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