SAP HR: Your job ads on TV displays!

Innovative Communication with VANATAiO

With VANTAiO, your internal job ads publish themselves fully automatically from now on. On demand on all channels: On the intranet, in the employee app and even on TV displays!

Many companies have internal regulations that job advertisements must also be published internally. This often involves a great deal of manual effort. In the worst case, the new job advertisement is sent by mail to countless locations, printed out there, and pinned to the bulletin board by notice.

This is now a thing of the past: with the current release of the VANTAiO communication software, we have created an interface that takes over the communication for you fully automatically and ensures that really every employee at every location in the company can be informed about the new job advertisements. And this happens at the exact moment when an HR manager enters the ad in the HR system, e.g. in SAP SuccessFactors or SAP HCM. In this way, duplicate, error-prone data entry is eliminated and media breaks are eliminated.

If you do not operate your own recruiting system or HR system for internal job advertisements in your company, you can also manage and publish your job advertisements completely independently using the message type provided by VANTAiO for this purpose.

You can optionally link the publication of job ads to an approval process and define individual approval steps for publication, for example depending on the type or work location of the job.

Look inside the system:

  • Enterprise News Manager on Smartphone
  • Enterprise News Manager on Desktop
  • Enterprise News Manager Job Advertisement News Type

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