Curtain up for the new VANTAiO workflowManager!

Just in time for the future staff from September 19 to 21 in Cologne, VANTAiO presented the latest component of its modular portal construction kit – the VANTAiO workflowManager, developed jointly with Foxysoft.

Just in time for Zukunft Personal, Europe's largest trade fair for personnel management from September 19 to 21 in Cologne, VANTAiO, software manufacturer and SAP portal expert from Mainz, presented the latest component of its modular portal construction kit - the VANTAiO workflowManager.

The workflowManager, developed together with the partner Foxysoft, enables the establishment of innovative workflows for any processes in companies, especially in the HR area, while guaranteeing intuitive usability.

Employees and managers can, for example, submit and approve applications independently via an HTML5 web interface and electronic forms (such as applying for parental leave or access cards). At all times, their status is traceable for all persons involved in the workflow. Pre-filled templates, automated checks on data entry, and automatic transfer to the SAP backend system (such as HCM) reduce the error rate and stop the deadline.

Complex processes about occupational security in the company, such as "carrying out risk assessment" or "planning and documenting instructions", can also be presented based on apps.

The look and feel of the forms and apps is closely aligned with the SAP product standard Fiori and is based on its frontend technology SAPUI5. Both design and content can be customized and extended by simple customizing without time-consuming programming. With the help of the integrated workflow designer, existing processes can be easily mapped and digitized. The forms and apps can be used on all popular devices: whether PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Michael Füchsle, Managing Director Foxysoft: "We are very proud of our new partnership. VANTAiO and Foxysoft follow the same philosophy and approach to software development: practicality and attractiveness are the basic prerequisites for making a solution truly meaningful and useful. The workflowManager allows the customer the consistent and targeted digitization of their business processes. Here we recommend a step-by-step approach: a start with the primarily relevant HR processes and their positioning as "lighthouse projects" in the company provide imitators also from other departments, e.g. the IT. The success of the solution is so almost preprogrammed. " 

From this day on, the new software solution will also be presented to the interested public at the DSAG Annual Congress 2017 (26 to 28 September in Bremen).

More information about the workflowManager can be found here >

About Foxysoft:

Foxysoft GmbH is an innovative software company founded in 2011 by Michael Füchsle. As a consultant for mobile business processes in the field of Customer Relationship Management, Mr. Füchsle initially worked in international projects as a software developer, consultant and project manager until he left SAP AG in 2009. 

The company, based in Landau, was founded with the idea of sustainably optimizing the business processes of SAP customers with software solutions based on a generic framework. After the deployment of the HR process manager, Foxysoft GmbH's product portfolio was joined by other applications, for example on the subject of "occupational safety" or "ticket tracking". Due to their expertise in the field of mobile business processes, Foxysoft GmbH also offers mobile solutions based on SAPUI5 and SAP Gateway.

About VANTAiO:

VANTAiO is a software manufacturer of flexibly adaptable complete portal solutions based on SAP. Simple, attractive and ready to use – that is the requirement for all VANTAiO software products.

Based on our modular system, we deliver preconfigured portal solutions for your business purpose: Whether Digital Workplace, HR Portal, Reporting Portal, Extranet Portal or Employee App, VANTAiO portal solutions are characterized by a very high degree of ease of use and practicality. Thanks to the ready-to-run approach VANTAiO significantly reduces project duration and costs. A team of experts is behind the VANTAiO software products with many years of experience in software development with SAP.

Our products meet the requirements of the latest enterprise IT and excellent user experience. Acceptance is achieved only in this way and daily use becomes value. Join us in reaching the next dimension of corporate portals.