A lot of fresh wind at the VANTAiO Portal Day 2017 in Munich.

Vantaio Portal Day 2017

The VANTAiO Portal Day 2017 brought various new impressions and information on July 25 in Munich. Under the motto "SAP is moving to the cloud – are you moving too?" the roughly 30 participants could expect a varied program.

VANTAiO – this year for the first time actively supported by partners – took a closer look at SAP's portal platforms and explained to visitors which scenario could be the right one for them: on premise, cloud or hybrid.

Excerpt from the agenda:

  • Comparison of the SAP Portal Platforms: On-premise Vs. Cloud
  • Field report SAP Cloud Portal
  • Interactive exchange with participants and specialists
  • Meet the Expert: Personal counseling sessions
  • Current product information from VANTAiO and partners

From 12pm the VANTAiO team was ready for registration and expected the participants with a small lunch to strengthen.

At 1pm, the keynote from Markus Marenbach started punctually, highlighting the topic of on-premise versus cloud in the context of the SAP Portal and depicting the change process of the SAP world regarding corporate portals, i.e. the example of the automotive industry (combustion engine -> electric motor) and the music industry (cassette -> music services).

After the first coffee break, we continued with the ascertainment of the topic "SAP moves to the cloud – are you moving too?". Stefan Bohlmann (VANTAiO) and Bartosz Golas (Partner T.CON) presented the meaningful coexistence of the two worlds using the example of a modern HR process portal for SAP: the integration of T.CON HR apps from the cloud into the VANTAiO HR portal on-premise basis. In doing so, further hybrid scenarios, such as e.g. the integration of SAP Jam from the cloud into the SAP Enterprise Portal. Afterwards, Konrad Ernst from Sweetlets introduced the world of statistical analysis with the product ClickStream, which is seamlessly integrated into the SAP Enterprise Portal. All scenarios, including those of the partners, were shown live in the VANTAiO demo system of the latest generation – of course with single sign-on!

The subsequent big break provided ample opportunity to exchange information among the participants. The final presentation of the day by our Head of Development Michael Beining went into "medias res" with a technical report on the portal development in the SAP Cloud Platform. Michael Beining also explained the latest web content management features of the portal in the SAP Cloud Platform and the other development plans of the SAP Portal Team from Israel, with whom VANTAiO works in close cooperation.

At about 5pm all participants were cordially invited to work through and reflect on the impressions of the Portal Day together with a nightcap at the bar. An offer that provided a positive response – as well as the little farewell gift for all guests: the VANTAiO fan for a fresh breeze in the office too.

Impressions of the event

  • Portal Day 2017 in Munich – Let's go!

  • Last preparations

  • A good 30 interested participants had come to Munich

  • ...and were not disappointed by the varied program.

  • Our partners, actively involved

  • Topics on the pulse of time

  • Lively presentation

  • Break – time for networking

  • A lot of fresh wind in Munich

  • ...and good mood

  • Of course, there was enough food

  • Stimulating small talk

  • Specific application scenarios

  • VANTAiO Portal Day 2017 in Munich

  • Many fresh new impressions around SAP, portals and cloud

  • It was fun – we'll meet again next time!


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