VANTAiO Portal Platform 1.0 certified as “powered by SAP NetWeaver®”

Specially developed for the SAP Enterprise Portal, the SAP-certified VANTAiO portal solution guarantees optimum flexibility and efficiency at the same time.

VANTAiO today announced that its portal platform 1.0 has been certified by the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC). The solution can be integrated into SAP NetWeaver 7.5 and, combined with a modular system with pre-configured modules, apps and templates, enables time and cost-saving as well as flexible implementation of portal solutions in companies.

SAP ICC certified solutions are faster and easier to integrate into existing SAP environments. Customers benefit from improved interoperability with SAP applications and from a variety of solutions running on SAP NetWeaver. Choosing an SAP certified product can also help reduce overall IT investment and risk.

Additional details on the VANTAiO Portal Platform can be found here in the SAP App Center.

By joining the SAP App Center, VANTAiO has also reached the next level in the SAP partner system and becomes an SAP Silver Partner.

"We are very pleased to announce the re-certification of our VANTAiO Portal Platform 1.0 for SAP NetWeaver 7.5," said VANTAiO managing director Stefan Bohlmann, "The integration of our solution into SAP NetWeaver and the interoperability with other SAP NetWeaver-based solutions creates the optimal starting point for the efficient and individual implementation of corporate portal solutions – a big step towards tomorrow's digital workplace. "

VANTAiO Portal Solutions are based on the VANTAiO Portal Kit, consisting of the VANTAiO portal platform, a very flexible responsive portal framework, as well as five basic products that form the basis of every business portal: web content management, portal search, document management, collaboration and mobile access. The basic products are complemented by a variety of so-called portal modules, e.g. message and form modules, FAQ, phonebook & business card, notification center, downloads, and more. The modern portal framework of this modular module system is so flexibly adaptable that any intranet, extranet and Internet portals can be set up and the desired corporate design of a company or a brand identity can be produced with little effort. The responsive approach of the gantry construction kit ensures that the contents of the portal solution are available on various device sizes, from the desktop or notebook via tablet to the smartphone.

Further information:
Stefan Bohlmann, managing director VANTAiO GmbH & Co. KG, Tel.: +49 6131 62228-0,

About VANTAiO:

VANTAiO is a software manufacturer of flexibly adaptable complete portal solutions based on SAP. Simple, attractive and ready to use – that is the requirement for all VANTAiO software products.

Based on our modular system, we deliver preconfigured portal solutions for your business purpose: Whether Digital Workplace, HR Portal, Reporting Portal, Extranet Portal or Employee App, VANTAiO portal solutions are characterized by a very high degree of ease of use and practicality. Thanks to the ready-to-run approach VANTAiO significantly reduces project duration and costs. A team of experts is behind the VANTAiO software products with many years of experience in software development with SAP.

Our products meet the requirements of the latest enterprise IT and excellent user experience. Acceptance is achieved only in this way and daily use becomes value. Join us in reaching the next dimension of corporate portals.