Woodstock flair for a good cause.

VANTAiO auf dem Jahreskongress 2018

The Sommerach artist Christine Dumbsby presented a thematically fitting body painting event on the occasion of the the photographer Elliott Landy's Woodstock Europe exhibition, which could be seen from 16.8. to 9.10.2019 in the Egidienkirche in Nuremberg. 30 percent of the proceeds from this performance went to a good cause – the Würzburg women's self-help after cancer was supported. VANTAiO was one of the sponsors of the art project.

For a few magical days in 1969, a farm in New York State became the center of the cultural universe. 500,000 listeners from around the world came to celebrate three days of peace and music. Always in the middle: Elliott Landy. As the official photographer of the Woodstock Festival, Landy managed to capture a moment in contemporary history. A selection of 160 selected photographs and motifs was made available to interested visitors in Nuremberg.

The accompanying photo happening perfectly captured the colour-intensive and atmospherically dense ambience: The joint work "knocking on heaven's door" by Christine Dumbsky and Robert Heizenröther (RobSky.de) was fused by the multimedia artist and painter live on the model's body with a body painting. The sponsors of the action, whose logos were integrated into the live artwork, were of particular importance.

Christine Dumbsky: "Not only the art project, but especially the support of women's self-help after cancer is very important to me personally. I am very happy and grateful that the participating companies have made this action possible with their contributions".

Photos: Pressebüro Röhrken, Body Painting: Christine Dumbsky


About Christine Dumbsky:

Artist, body painter, illustrator, comic artist, programmer and composer in one person.

At first, painting was the focus of the work of the artist Christine Dumbsky. She quickly became known beyond national borders, worked on an international level and exhibited her works worldwide, e.g. at the Woodstock Revival Festival, in China, Luxembourg, Italy, USA, etc.

The work with the "living canvas" came a few years later, but was still an almost inevitable development. The idea of completely integrating the viewer, the artist and the model into the creation process had long been one of her goals. With the help of body painting it was possible for the first time to realize this consistently. Christine Dumbsky also acts internationally here and meanwhile ranks among the top 10 body painting artists.

In the field of comics and illustrations the artist found another artistic means of expression. From record covers and book illustrations to company-specific merchandising media, the artist's unmistakable signature can also be recognized here. Recently, multi-talented Christine Dumbsky has completely broken through the barriers of working with brushes and airbrushes – she also composes her own music for her presentations.



About women's self-help after cancer:

Women's Self-Help after Cancer (FSH) is one of the oldest and largest cancer self-help organizations in Germany. In addition to the Federal Association, there are eleven state associations and a dense network of regional groups nationwide, in which about 35,000 women and men with various illnesses find advice and help. The FSH does not charge membership fees. Participation in the group meetings is free of charge and non-binding. This offer is possible because the FSH is financed by the generous support of the German Cancer Aid.



Impressions of the event