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INKOMETA DAYS 2022 kicked off with the theme "Better together" in an urban atmosphere in an old freight depot in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg. With over 40 speakers spread across 7 areas, more than 20 talks and more than 10 master classes were presented.

At the beginning of the first day, the VANTAiO VIP breakfast invited participants to start the day with a cosy chat over coffee and croissants. This gave the participants the opportunity to make their first contacts in communicative company before they devoted themselves to the lectures.

VANTAiO also offered its own masterclass. Under the motto "Now everyone is really joining in! Digital participation for your deskless workforce", Björn Adam and Dominik Neumann from the VANTAiO Professional Service Team dedicated themselves to an employee group that is too rarely the focus of attention in the course of the digital transformation: The Deskless Workforce. Up to 80% of employees in companies do not have an office job. Not only do these employees not have access to computers in their company, they often do not have access to smartphones either. Nevertheless, the majority of digital communication solutions are targeted at the comparatively small proportion of the other group, the office workers. However, the digital transformation does not end at the office desk. The integration of so-called frontline workers or deskless workers, i.e. employees in production, shops, logistics or service, is an important success factor for organisations.

Within the framework of an interactive workshop, the VANTAiO experts therefore questioned the reality of the frontline workers within the respective organisations of the participants and worked out together with them the central topic areas and challenges that play a particularly important role for the deskless workforce.

As a result, practically all participants saw potential for improvement in the digital participation of the deskless workers; be it in the supply of relevant information, the provision of business applications or seamless communication with office colleagues within the organisation. The VANTAiO conclusion: suitable solutions for deskless workers should be usable from anywhere and at any time, have good usability on all devices, integrate useful business applications and rely on asynchronous communication methods.

At the INKOMETA Awards for successful internal communication, competition entries from five categories were honoured. Thus, the evening was rounded off with a touch of Oscar feeling.

The second day started with an impressive keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck with the provocative title "Culture eats everything for breakfast - the internal communication creates culture". This definitely had a positive "hello-wake-up effect"! The rest of the programme with exclusive keynotes, best cases from the industry, master classes, workshop formats and networking areas was very well attended. The presentation by our client INTERSPORT was also eagerly awaited. Stephanie Ortega (Corporate Communications Officer INTERSPORT) presented the use of the VANTAiO News Manager, among other things, in the category "Best Cases".

Indisputably, INKOMETA DAYS is definitely THE event for internal corporate communications. From best cases of the industry to exclusive keynotes, the INKOMETA DAYS 2022 left nothing to be desired with regard to the topic of "communication".

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