Webinar tip: "Using documents securely in the SAP cloud – with Egnyte Enterprise File Sharing"

Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 2:00 to 3:00 pm.

In this webinar, VANTAiO, together with Egnyte, the specialist for secure document exchange, will bring you closer to another element in the path of your portal in the SAP Cloud Platform.

"Egnyte Enterprise File Sharing" is a centralized document management software that allows users to securely manage and share files. Thanks to the seamless integration of SAP NetWeaver and SAP Cloud into the SAP platform, users can access documents within the SAP portal, regardless of their location or device, and conveniently exchange them with each other or simply make them accessible. 

The "Egnyte Connect" interface, which is certified by SAP, makes it possible to integrate the software into the SAP Cloud Platform. This offers the SAP Enterprise Portal customers who have previously used document management on SAP NetWeaver and Knowledge Management (KM), a modern and comprehensive solution in the SAP cloud world. Egnyte and VANTAiO offer corresponding migration services from KM-based document scenarios to the cloud-based Egnyte solution.


  • Overview of SAP Portal Roadmap, on-premise vs. Cloud Portal

  • Presentation of Egnyte File Sharing in the SAP Cloud Portal including live demo

  • Tools for migrating KM documents to Egnyte

  • Q&A session, 15 minutes

Your speakers

Stefan Bohlmann (VANTAiO), Managing Director & Partner Manager
Jan Sandorski (Egnyte), Professional Services Engineer


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