Webinar: The SAP Portal as digital hub for HR services

Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 2:00 to 3:00 pm.

How an HR portal based on SAP can support you in the reorganization and transformation of the HR department.

The requirements for the workplace of the future can not be ignored by the HR department. What is needed is a transparent presentation of the complete portfolio of services and services in HR, the interdisciplinary collaboration with other entrepreneurs of the company, and last but not least the simplification of time-consuming routine work.

Find out in our webinar how an SAP-based HR portal can support you on the way to transformation and reorientation of the HR department. Learn how the interaction of content, documents and processes can make your employees and managers work more efficiently.

In our webinar, with the help of our partners Foxysoft and scdsoft, we demonstrate during a live demo which possibilities the SAP Portal offers, as for example central integration of HR Self Services and add-ons. This will be followed by a Q & A session.

Language: German
Stefan Bohlmann (VANTAiO), Managing Director & Partner Manager
Michael Füchsle (Foxysoft), Managing Director
Sean Schröpfer (scdsoft), Marketing & Sales Manager



About Foxysoft:
Foxysoft's HR services via digital forms enable the establishment of innovative workflows for any business process, especially in HR, while guaranteeing intuitive usability. Employees and managers can use an HTML5 web interface and electronic forms, e.g. submit and approve applications independently (such as applying for sick leave or completing a privacy policy).


About scdsoft:
As a logical evolution to proven standard applications, scdsoft's SAP HCM add-on solutions provide users with clever features that save time and money. The helpful solutions support various processes and combine productivity and user-friendliness in the area of ​​personnel management – tailored to the needs.


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