Stefan Bohlmann

Stefan Bohlmann

Managing Director,

18 February 2020

This will definitely be an exciting SAP portal year 2020!

Review of the DSAG Technology Days

We were on site with eight employees at this year's DSAG Technology Days on February 11 and 12, 2020 in Mannheim. What did we get out of them? Which topics will be particularly relevant for SAP portal customers in the coming months?

Focus on homogenization and integration

The keynotes were dominated by the topics "homogenization" and "integration" – and of course SAP's promise to extend maintenance for SAP Business Suite 7 until 2030 and to support S/4 HANA until 2040. In this way, SAP takes a lot of pressure off its customers and clearly focuses on motivation for digital transformation by conviction, not by force.

SAPUI5 Roadmap

SAPUI5 Roadmap

The roadmap presentations were already very well attended on the first day. The SAPUI5 Roadmap by Oliver Graeff, SAP, was of particular interest to SAP developers. There were four key takeaways: Consistency, Flexible Adaptation, Openness & Performance!


SAP Digital Workplace on the SAP Cloud Platform

In the DSAG working group "Enterprise Architecture", Winfried Winterstein (DÖHLER) and Uli Hoffmann (SAP) presented a brand new SAP product, which is currently being evaluated at DÖHLER in the beta program together with SAP and VANTAiO.


Which we can already reveal: We are very proud to be part of the birth of a completely new generation of the SAP Digital Workplace on the SAP Cloud Platform and to actively shape it by participating in the beta program. The general availability (GA) of the new product, whose name is still a secret, will coincide with its official launch at SAPPHIRE in Orlando (May 12 – 14).


VANTAiO Enterprise TV Display

The second day started for us SAP portal specialists, of course, in the Portals working group: It started right at 9:30 a.m., in a packed hall at the presentation "DÖHLER TV with SAP & Raspberry PI" by Hannes Lechner and Winfried Winterstein (DÖHLER) and Michael Beining (VANTAiO).

VANTAiO TV Display

Our new product "VANTAiO Enterprise TV Display" enables the output of company news on standard TV sets. The SAP Enterprise Portal or the SAP Cloud Platform serves as data source. The aim is to increase the reach of communication within the company and to provide all employees worldwide with important news. Articles and content are maintained either in the SAP portal or in the SAP Fiori Launchpad; there is no further maintenance effort for output on TV sets. Our latest module satisfies both the information requirements and the design demands of a modern company.

SAP Fiori Launchpad and Fiori Frontend Server

Afterwards, Carola Steinmaier and Dr. Sibylle Brehm presented the news about SAP Fiori Launchpad and Fiori Frontend Server. They gave a preview of the latest functions, such as multi-pages and submenu structures in the FLP menu – something SAP customers have been waiting for for a long time. The central Fiori Launchpad (cFLP) on the SAP Cloud Platform was of particular interest to the participants because it will be the only way for SAP customers to bring together several SAP systems in one Fiori Launchpad.

Really the only one? That's not quite true, because directly after the presentation by the two of them, their colleagues Thomas Hensel (SAP) and Uli Hoffmann (SAP) presented the outlook for the "big brother" of the central Fiori Launchpad in their talk entitled "SAP Portal Roadmap: Central Access and Digital Workplace". The new SAP Digital Workplace is characterized by functions such as web content, document provision and collaboration. The planned out-of-the-box integration of Microsoft products (Teams, Office 365, etc.) will also be of great interest to many people.


SAP Portal Year 2020

SAP customers can experience all this already this year and will have all relevant functions at the latest in Q3/2020!

What was also of interest

Of course, this was not all at the DSAG Technology Days 2020, but there were also topics such as chatbots and conversational AI, machine learning and much more. The VANTAiO team was once again very enthusiastic and is looking forward to exciting projects with customers in this context. In any case, the interest is great, as the discussions following the presentations showed.

Presentations for download

All released DSAG lectures can be downloaded here (registration on the DSAG site required):

Click here to download the presentation of DÖHLER and VANTAiO:

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