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August 15, 2023

SAP Work Zone Standard Edition – New Site Experience in 2023

Spaces, Pages & Cards - newly available since July 27, 2023:

WOW 📣 - SAP Build Work Zone, Standard Edition (formerly known as "SAP Launchpad Service") is available since the end of July with a number of new features: Spaces, Pages and UI Cards!

SAP Build Work Zone Standard, home


Many customers and partners have been waiting for this new functionality, which was previously only possible with the Advanced Edition of SAP Build Work Zone: From now on, it is also possible in the Standard Edition to create pages with a flexible, grid-based layout and to enhance them with UI cards, app tiles and "out-of-the-box" business content from SAP solutions.

As early as 2022, SAP released a set of features for the new "site experience" as part of a beta program with selected customers and partners to gather early feedback on the new UX design, concepts and tools, in which VANTAiO also participated. In the second half of 2023, SAP will gradually make the new features available to all customers - with July 27 as the official launch date.

Of course, VANTAiO did not miss this launch date and so we were among the first to put the released version through its paces! The result and also the News Manager UI Integration Card developed by us is more than worth seeing, as we find .💜

SAP Build Work Zone Standard, news

FIGURE 2: SAP Build Work Zone with VANTAiO News Manager UI Card

What features are new now with the 2023 version?

SAP Build Work Zone, Standard Edition primarily offers features that affect structure and content in the latest version as of July 27, 2023.

Once the Spaces and Pages - New Experience view mode is enabled in the site settings, administrators can now create two new object types, Spaces and Pages, in addition to the previous ones. Spaces are standalone menu items that have one or more pages associated with them. Pages are then used to add UI integration cards or tiles via WYSIWYG editor. Creating and editing areas and pages is a job reserved for site administrators only in design mode (designtime). The administrators are also responsible for configuring the site settings or properties.

VANTAiO, as a long-standing specialist for Digital Workplaces with SAP, has been closely involved in the development phase of the new SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and the SAP Work Zone solution since the very beginning and now has a wealth of project experience. We are happy to be at your disposal at any time as a contact partner for everything to do with the new SAP Portal Platform. I can wholeheartedly recommend that you take a close look at the new product. Some of our customers are already doing this with great enthusiasm - if you wish, we can establish contact for you to exchange experiences!

Would you like to get started right away and see the new SAP Build Work Zone Standard Edition Site Experience LIVE? Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you immediately for a presentation on our demo systems and will be happy to answer your questions!

SAP Build Work Zone Standard, content manager

FIGURE 3: Two new object types in the Standard Edition: Areas & Pages

Looks really good - The new user interface is impressive

Users can consume the redesigned pages and the content on the pages at runtime and switch between the pages by selecting the desired page in the new menu structure. With the first generation of SAP Build Work Zone, Standard Edition this was not possible, there was only one big "SAP Fiori Page" as a landing page where the apps could be found sorted into groups by sections. These sections were also the previous menu items, which could be seen as headings at the top. SAP customers are familiar with this (old) user experience from the classic SAP Fiori Launchpad.

SAP Build Work Zone Standard, my cards

FIGURE 4: New site experience for users and users

In the showcase presented here, the logged-in user Bettina Hildebrand also has administrator permissions at the same time. She can therefore easily switch to the "Manage Site" editing mode. This function is available at the top right of the user profile menu, provided she has the authorization to do so. After selecting the "Manage Site" function, she is first taken to the website settings, where all parameters can be configured at a central place.

SAP Build Work Zone Standard, manage site
Website-Editor Showcase New Site Experience

FIGURES 4+5: The "Manage Site" function is only available for administrators

New Page Layout Editor & Widgets: Drag and drop page editing

From the properties page, use the arrow navigation (<) to continue to the Content Manager, where you can now find the new object types Areas and Pages. For the main menu items of the SAP Build Work Zone, Standard Edition, the areas are responsible, to which one or more pages are assigned. The areas can either be taken directly from a S/4HANA system automatically (via content provider mechanism, with all associated pages) or just now new, via areas created manually by the administrator, to which also manually one or more pages are assigned.

The following figure shows the new WYSIWYG page editor, which offers a very similar functionality as in the Advanced Edition to design any page layouts and to fill the pages with widgets (currently app tiles and UI Integration Cards are supported).

SAP Build Work Zone Standard, content manager edit

FIGURE 6+7: WYSIWYG editor for creating page structures and adding widgets.

So with the latest version of SAP Build Work Zone Standard Edition, it is now possible to create and edit pages using a flexible grid-based page layout. This also leads to a closer alignment with the page/workspace editing in SAP Build Work Zone, Advanced Edition. UI integration cards can be added to pages (UI integration cards are similar to SAP NetWeaver Portal iViews and are flexible to use on pages.

A personalization function on the UI integration cards, as known from the Advanced Edition, is not yet available, but is on the roadmap.

Abrenzung zur SAP Build Work Zone, Advanced Edition

The Advanced Edition of SAP Build Work Zone offers additional advanced functionality for content management, web content, interactive and engaging workspaces, an enhanced menu structure, and integration with third-party solutions compared to the Standard Edition featured here on the blog. The Advanced Edition is an all-encompassing platform with significantly more functionality and customizability options. It offers a modern and practical user interface that enables consistent and efficient work in the context of SAP processes: with the help of the SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori design, as well as new technologies such as chatbots and feed conversations, users can easily interact, collaborate, and share information and documents. If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of the Advanced Edition and how it differs from the standard version, please contact us.

Would you like to take a closer look at all this and experience the new site experience in the SAP Build Work Zone Standard Edition live?

SAP Build Work Zone – LIVE DEMO
New Site Experience im Standard

Gerne geben wir Ihnen einen Überblick zu den neuen Möglichkeiten der SAP Build Work Zone Standard Edition – direkt live am System!

Füllen Sie einfach das Formular aus und wir setzen uns kurzfristig zur Terminvereinbarung mit Ihnen in Verbindung oder senden Ihnen den Link zur Aufzeichnung zu, je nachdem, wie es Ihnen lieber ist.

Hinweis: Dieses Angebot richtet sich an Unternehmen, die SAP bereits im Einsatz haben und sich für die neuen Möglichkeiten der Digitalisierung auf Basis der SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) und insbesondere für die SAP Build Work Zone interessieren. Es richtet sich nicht an Privatpersonen.

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SAP Build Work Zone Standard, Björn Adam

Björn Adam
Head of Consulting Services
T +49 6131 – 622280