Björn Adam

Björn Adam

Head of Software Solutions,

3 December 2019

VANTAiO project construction kit – what is it actually?

An apparent contradiction as a source of ideas

It should be efficient, standardized and flexible – and also transparent and clear: the project procedure model. But isn't that a contradiction in terms? How can something be standardized and at the same time individually adaptable? Not to mention fulfilling the other requirements?

I would like to take up the topic of this apparent incompatibility and present an innovative approach that can meet all the above-mentioned wishes.

At VANTAiO, we have been pursuing the approach of a flexible modular system for the design of our software solutions for several years. The various portals are consistently built with software modules as building blocks – individually and flexibly. Our customers benefit enormously from this because they can react quickly and easily to changing situations and requirements. The modules are grouped into different categories, and the editors use this technically oriented building block fund to create the desired portal pages.

Wider circles for our successful model

What could be more logical than to apply this idea to the project procedure for a portal launch? The individual categories result from the VANTAiO service areas. In each of these areas we have a tried and tested set of methods and tools at our disposal in order to work out the resulting activities efficiently and purposefully.

Wider circles for our successful model

The individual project modules within the categories have a clear description of what is being done and how – and what preparatory work is necessary. An essential precondition can be, for example, the result of another project step. Each project module delivers a concrete result, which makes a defined contribution to the project and the later solution. 

The VANTAiO service areas include:

  • Strategy: Concretisation and planning of your portal project, from the idea to the clear project description.
  • UX, Conception & Content: User-centric conception for the implementation of your desired portal.
  • Development: Implementation of the portal using software modules and innovative and up-to-date technologies.
  • Project management & operation: modern, flexible and tailor-made project management.
  • Support: Efficient and transparent support of the portal solution in the project as well as in operation.
  • Training & further education: Trainings, seminars and workshops for the efficient transfer of knowledge to IT, editing and control.

Module by module to the ideal project

With this starting point, it is possible to select a selection of methods and activities suitable for the customer from the various service areas and thus compile an individual and at the same time standardized project procedure model. Of course, this is done consistently on the basis of the individual starting conditions and requirements of the customer. The following diagram shows our approach:

It does not matter whether the process model is consecutive (as shown in the figure, here: 5-phase model) or iterative or a mixture of both. In all three cases, the project can be planned and implemented with building blocks from the individual service areas.

Many advantages and a new role

This procedure offers various advantages for all sides. First, however, it requires a new ability within the project team and thus a new role. A person is needed who "composes" the project procedure in the planning phase. We call this person responsible project engineer.

At the beginning of the project, the project engineer compiles the project procedure in cooperation with the customer. The result is an individual project configuration that offers high transparency and planning security with regard to the essential resources and key figures (budget, time, capacities, quality, scope, risk, benefit). Thus, a valid time and cost plan can be created right from the start.

Thus the VANTAiO project construction kit consistently transfers the philosophy of the software construction kit to the project procedure - and also guarantees efficiency, time and cost savings here. The necessary flexibility and individuality are retained – because every project is a little different. And that's a good thing :-)

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Björn Adam
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