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Intelligent control center for different types of news

The VANTAiO News Manager offers a fast and official communication channel for company management and departments to the employees. It bundles and transports relevant information from internal sources, e.g. news from SAP systems or important messages to the workforce, as well as a variety of external messages – it can be individually selected for the respective addressees.

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VANTAiO News Manager

Elke Huber, Head of Internal Communication,
launched the "Corporate News Room" project

With the VANTAiO News Manager you optimize the flow of information in the company

The classic "news" understanding of the intranet is outdated. Employees perceive a lot more than just "news" as relevant messages, e.g. important process messages or news from application systems that are useful for their daily work. The expectation of the employees regarding the supply of information has increased significantly: You want notifications with a higher frequency and better quality - tailored to your personal needs! 

The VANTAiO News Manager uses intelligent interfaces to "tap" business-relevant information sources and application systems and to generate news fully automatically! With this system, you not only gain a fast and official communication channel for company management and departments to the employees, but also a highly innovative tool for more transparency in the company!

Increase your company's success and let your processes speak for themselves!

End bad information quality in the company, e.g. in the form of unstructured and error-prone emails. Replace this type of communication with a precise and reliable system that is linked to your application systems via interfaces and provides real facts about your processes. The flow of information of all kinds of messages is target-group-specific - once recorded centrally, they are automatically visible on all end devices in a matter of seconds!

VANTAiO News Manager architecture
  • VANTAiO News Manager editorial work
  • VANTAiO News Manager editorial work create entry
  • VANTAiO News Manager editorial work create title
  • VANTAiO News Manager editorial work publish
  • VANTAiO News Manager sources

Relieve your employees and automate the editorial work

With the News Manager, creating news is so intuitive that the otherwise time-consuming editorial work is spread among employees from all specialist departments! Additional messages are also generated fully automatically via interfaces - so that they are always up-to-date!

Short implementation period: Ready-to-run

The VANTAiO News Manager for the SAP Cloud Platform already contains a very large range of functions: Concept, content and implementation are perfectly tailored to processes and requirements in companies. With our pre-configured message templates and the message manager, you can start immediately and improve the information supply in your company. Our team of experts is at your disposal to adapt the software individually to your needs when requested - without any programming!

VANTAiO News Manager honored with the German Innovation Award!

The VANTAiO News Manager for the SAP Cloud Platform received the WINNER award at the German Innovation Award in the category "Excellence Business to Business", in the "Information Technologies | Functional Software" category - with over 700 submissions!

VANTAiO News Manager German Innovation Award winner

Exemplary application scenario

The possible uses for the VANTAiO News Manager are diverse. For example, you can be informed about current process messages or company-relevant events anytime and anywhere.

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In the module presentation, we explain in a compact and clear manner how the VANTAiO News Manager can be used profitably in your company. Request them now - free of charge and without obligation.

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