VANTAiO TV Display

All-important news presented prominently

Exactly where your target group is: The VANTAiO TV Display allows you to easily and conveniently display selected news and information on TV sets. This means that groups of people without permanent PC access can be reached and provided with all essential information.

The special thing about the VANTAiO solution is the automatic filling of messages from the digital signage devices via interfaces. This is interesting for every company that, in addition to classic news, also wants to automatically display relevant events and information from their application systems - on a large scale and transparently for every employee in the company.

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Get to know our software and add-ons in detail

See for yourself how VANTAiO can help you with your challenges. The users will love you for it – give them the solution that they really need and that provides benefits. By request, we will be happy to set up a 30-day test access to our demo portal so that you can put the software to the test.

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TV Display

Dr. Klaus Roth, company management, wants to increase transparency in the company and reach as many employees as possible

company management
access to relevant information

With the VANTAiO TV Display you create an eye-catcher for your company news and all other relevant information in the company

The VANTAiO TV Display is innovative software that enables any type of news and content to be displayed on permanently installed TV sets. The employees are provided with all the important information in passing. The contributions are either entered by the editors via a convenient user interface or automatically transferred to the database via interfaces. There is no further maintenance effort for the output on the TV sets. On the TV set itself, you only need a cheap RasperryPI or Mini PC, which is connected to the Enterprise TV Display Server via LAN or Wi-Fi and is automatically supplied with the latest content immediately after booting.

Enterprise TV Display Wetter


Enterprise TV Display News


Enterprise TV Display neue Mitarbeiter

new employees

Enterprise TV Display Prozessmitteilungen


Enterprise TV Display Systemnachrichten


Enterprise TV Display Fahrpläne


Enterprise TV Display Gäste


Enterprise TV Display Wettbewerbsinformationen


Increase your presence with a modern, integrative digital signage solution (TV, displays)

Whether important company information, success reports from projects or new customers, competitive information or the introduction of new employees - with the VANTAiO TV Display you inform your employees and visitors in a targeted and precise manner.

Replace the office grapevine with precise and clear communication in real time

Whether visitor greetings, internal company key figures such as machine utilization and return rates, current weather information or public transport connections - with the VANTAiO TV Display you always keep your workforce, customers and partners up to date. Ensure by this that important messages are no longer overlooked.

Enterprise TV Display Weiterbildung
Enterprise TV Display Gästebegrüßung
Enterprise TV Display Events
Enterprise TV Display Firmenjubiläum
Enterprise TV Display Busverbindungen
Enterprise TV Display unfallfreie Tage
Enterprise TV Display Wetter
Enterprise TV Display Systemmeldungen
Enterprise TV Display Wettbewerbsinformationen
Enterprise TV Display Weltuhr
Enterprise TV Display Hinweis
Short implementation

Short implementation period: Ready-to-run

The VANTAiO TV Display for the SAP Cloud Platform already contains a very large range of functions: Concept, content and implementation are perfectly tailored to processes and requirements in companies. With our pre-configured message templates and the message manager, you can start immediately and improve the information supply in your company. Our team of experts is at your disposal to adapt the software individually to your needs when requested - without any programming!

Exemplary application scenarios

There are many possible uses for the VANTAiO TV Display. Here you can see some use cases from experience: Company news, current key figures from production, new employees, weather, public transport information, safety instructions, announcements and much more.

The software is structured in such a way that you can expand it with any number of interfaces. This is particularly interesting for customers who want relevant information from their application systems, e.g. want to play SAP ERP or BI systems directly and without media discontinuity on TV devices, e.g. important KPIs of the machines used in the production areas.

Enterprise TV Display Use Case KPIs
Enterprise TV Display Use Case Parkplatzsperrung
Enterprise TV Display Use Case KPIs
Enterprise TV Display Use Case Weltuhr
Enterprise TV Display Use Case machine scrap rate

Diverse looks without additional effort

Different looks, but can be implemented quickly and easily: The VANTAiO TV Display is available ready-to-run with different designs. Simply choose the variant that is best suited to your initial conditions and adjust it if necessary.

Example 1

News & Activity Manager User Experience Freestyle

Example 2

News & Activity Manager User Experience SAPUI5

Do you have any questions? We are happy to help!

In the module presentation, we explain in a compact and clear manner how the VANTAiO TV Display can be used profitably in your company. Request them now - free of charge and without obligation.

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