FAQs SAP Work Zone

In our webinar “Everything about the new product SAP Work Zone!” the participants asked a few questions, which we answered below.

SAP Neo and SAP Cloud Foundry demarcation comparison

The SAP Cloud Platform offers two different development environments: SAP Neo and SAP Cloud Foundry (aka Multi-cloud environment). In this article I would like to discuss the differences and relationships between the two SAP cloud environments.

The way to the SAP cloud – Part 1

In addition to the already known advantages of cloud vs. on-premise landscapes, such as better scalability, outsourcing of basic IT and security tasks and more agility, there are further good reasons for SAP (portal) customers to consider the transition from SAP Enterprise Portal (EP) to SAP Cloud...

The way to the SAP cloud – Part 2

The second part of the blog "The way to the SAP cloud – EP to CP transition" covers a feature comparison of the individual building blocks and an overview of potential transition paths from EP to CP.

The way to your HR Portal

No easy stand for the personnel department: Their daily work is often extremely characterised by time-consuming routine tasks. In addition, the performance spectrum and workload of the specialist department are often underestimated by colleagues and outsiders. An HR-oriented employee portal can help....

This will be an exciting SAP portal year 2020!

We were on site with eight employees at this year's DSAG Technology Days on February 11 and 12, 2020 in Mannheim. What did we get out of them? Which topics will be particularly relevant for SAP portal customers in the coming months?

VANTAiO project construction kit – what is it actually?

It should be efficient, standardized and flexible – and also transparent and clear: the project procedure model. But isn't that a contradiction in terms? How can something be standardized and at the same time individually adaptable? Not to mention fulfilling the other requirements? I would like to...